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  • 10 Alternatives to the Unity Candle

    Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life. While many couples choose aFF blog unity candle, there are other creative and personalized ways to capture the moment. From time capsules to Forever Frames, here are ten alternatives to the unity candle that will make your wedding special:

    Time Capsule

    Using a container as simple as a decorated shoebox, you and your partner can contribute items that are symbols of your union. Stash it away for personal review on anniversaries.

    Love Locks

    Express your love and commitment when you engrave a personal message on a double heart lock as a symbol of your lasting love for your partner. Tie the key to balloons and let it float away because you won't be unlocking your love any time soon!

    Japanese Lanterns

    Light a lantern with your partner and ask guests to join you in lighting their own. Set them to sail on a lake or pool or let them float into the night sky. You'll need to use caution as paper lanterns are very flammable.

    God's Knot

    Most often used in Christian weddings, The God's Knot is a ring with three strands of rope symbolizing the union of God, husband and wife. During the ceremony, the husband wears the ring and the wife braids the strands.

    Unity Cocktail

    Who can resist a cocktail at a wedding? If you're the type who loves to celebrate with a drink, consider a personalized unity cocktail at your wedding. Make the first one in front of your guests and share the fun!

    Cow Brand

    A couple that brands together, stays together. Symbolizing the fire of your love for each other and the blending of your lives, the couple who is a little bit country brands a piece of wood with their initials and wedding date.

    Unity Cross

    Bringing two together as one, the outside of the cross represents the husband and the beautiful inside represents the bride. Place the pieces together as part of the ceremony.

    Rose Exchange

    Two vases of roses and one empty vase are placed on the wedding altar. Bride and groom take the rose from their respective vases and place it in the empty vase as a symbol of their lives coming together.

    Unity Sandwich

    Sweet and simple, the peanut butter and jelly sandwich is just about everyone's favorite, but you could make the unity sandwich with just about anything. Make a sandwich big enough for you and your spouse for your first snack as a married couple. Don't like PB&J? Pick your favorite and have fun letting your guests take pictures of you and your share-wich.

    All of these alternatives to the unity candle are great, but they have one problem. They don't last. The PB&J, cocktail and lanterns disappear only to be remembered in photos. The cow brand, cross, locket and time capsule eventually get stored away in the attic. There's no daily remembrance of how special your marriage ceremony was and how amazing it still is. You need something that you can see daily to remind each of you that your marriage is strong and unified.

    The Forever Frame Alternative to the Unity Candle

    When my husband and I got married, we searched everywhere to find a frame that would hold unity sand and our wedding photo. We wanted to preserve the happiness on our wedding day and look at it daily to remind ourselves of our lasting love. Unfortunately, our search came up empty and that's when we decided to make our own.

    While that first version wasn't exactly what we wanted, we used a shadow box and the sand design eventually turned into a mess, we realized we had come upon a business idea. We engineered a frame that would preserve the memory exactly as it occurred on day one with the beautiful sand design intact. Shortly thereafter,

    Forever Frame was born bringing unity sand and wedding photos together in one lasting memory.

    If you're looking for an alternative to the unity candle, please visit the

    Forever Frames products page to see how you can capture the memories on your wedding day and preserve them forever. Your wedding (and love for each other) is too important to forget.

  • Frame It Forward June 2015 Giveaway- The Forever Frame

    Is there someone in your life that has a special day coming up? Would you like to get them something special to remember it for years? Our #FrameItForward giveaway is here for you!

    We wanted to keep the giveaway simple. Just login to the giveaway app at the bottom of the post with either an email or with your Facebook credentials. From there the app will provide you with directions on how to gain entries into the giveaway. You can earn entries by commenting directly on this post below, visiting my Pinterest page and visiting my Facebook page. Our goal is to introduce you to our product and hopefully earn your business in the future if you like it! Good luck.
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    The Forever Frame is a premier provider of unity sand frames to be used in weddings of any faith during a unity ceremony, as a graduation gift, anniversary gift or any special occasion. Through our direct business model, design and manufacturing, The Forever Frame provides products and services that fill a very specific and important customer desire and need.

    IMG_7352_CaptionedWe have shaped our business around forming honest relationships with our customers. Whatever works best for you makes us happy. This business started because I was a bride planning my own destination beach wedding. I spent months looking for a sand frame or shadow box and never found it. I ended up making one from a normal shadow box that was fine at the ceremony but then the sand immediately mixed and I was devastated.

    We developed The Forever Frame to remain looking the same as the day you fill it for years to come. We truly appreciate our customers and love helping to make your day as easy and special as possible.The Forever Frame with Black Background

    The Forever Frame the only patented picture frame of its kind! The original and first sand unity frame that prevents sand from mixing. Sand stays in place for a lifetime with the patented Keeper Plate. High quality real wood frame. The keepsake that lasts!

  • Ten Unique Unity Ceremony Ideas

    Weddings were once rather fairly conventional affairs, in most cases just involving the Ten Unique Unity Ceremony Ideasbride and groom, a few family members, and the officiant. Even vows were fairly standard, passed down through generations. As ethnicities, cultures and families have blended over time, the sphere of the traditional has expanded.

    The unity ceremony symbolizes the joining of two individuals, becoming one. However it the case of blended families, it can represent a family united by the marriage of the bride and groom. It's a beautiful ceremony that expresses love and commitment for life.

    Here are ten unique unity ceremony ideas that will make your wedding memorable:

    1. Unity Sand Ceremony

    The Unity Sand Ceremony is a popular and beautiful way to signify two lives are becoming one. The ceremony entails the symbolic merging of two different colored grains of sand into a solitary vessel, such as a Forever Frame or vase. This represents the blending of two beings, the bride and groom, into one, inseparable unit and the joining of their lives.

    The Forever Frame provides the perfect vessel for memorializing this special event. As the colored sand is poured into the Forever Frame, the individual containers of sand will no longer exist, they'll be joined as one. The beautiful sand design will stay perfectly intact for years to come, just like the marriage.

    2. Handfasting Unity Ceremony

    The Handfasting Unity Ceremony dates back centuries. It's a Celtic custom that has quickly become a popular addition to today's wedding day customs. Handfasting consists of wrapping various colored ribbons into an infinity shape during the wedding vows. The ceremony represents the symbolic commitment and union of marriage, along with binding to one another as man and wife.

    3. Fisherman's Knot Unity Ceremony

    During the Fisherman's Knot Unity Ceremony, the couple ties a knot as the minister, priest or officiant reads a script related to the unity ceremony. The script describes how the marriage supports and strengthens the couple through life. Just like the fisherman's knot, their marriage will grow stronger under pressure.

    4. Breaking Bread Unity Ceremony

    During the Breaking Bread Unity Ceremony, the bride and groom tear off a piece of bread, after which they each consume a piece. In some cases, the bread is also shared with friends and family members. The breaking of the bread symbolizes their future together as a family.

    5. Tree Planting Unity Ceremony

    The Tree Planting Unity Ceremony symbolizes the joining of the bride and group as well as the joining of their two families. There's a separate table set up where a young, potted tree is placed. During a designated song or reading, the couple will each add the remainder of dirt before watering the tree together. After the ceremony, the couple will plant the tree in a location that is special to them, symbolizing planting their roots and strengthening their marriage.

    6. Wine & Love Letters Unity Ceremony

    This charming unity ceremony involves a box containing a bottle of wine, two wine glasses, along with love letters from both the bride and groom. The letters describe each of their good qualities, why they fell in love and decided to marry and anything else the couple wants to express. The letters are then sealed in envelopes so that neither party can see what the other wrote. The result of the Wine & Love Letter Unity Ceremony is an enchanting time capsule that couples open on their fifth wedding anniversary.

    7. Hand Washing Unity Ceremony

    This unity ceremony symbolizes the couple's lives prior to their wedding day. The bride and groom wash their hands in a glass bowl, washing away past failures, mistakes, and relationships. This gives them a clean, fresh start into their marriage.

    8. Rose Unity Ceremony

    The Rose Unity Ceremony is the perfect example of shared love and romance. The bride and groom exchange two roses, representing the giving and receiving of their mutual love for each other throughout their married life. Roses are considered a symbol of love and a single rose always says I love you.

    9. Water Unity Ceremony

    In the Water Unity Ceremony, the couple each pours two different colors of water into a special glass, creating a third color with the water. Similar to the Sand Unity Ceremony, the new mixture can't separate into its original halves, symbolizing an irreversible, lifelong bond.

    10. Salt Unity Ceremony

    During ancient times, promises and agreements between individuals were sealed by a salt covenant. Each person would take a bit of salt from their pouch and add it to the salt pouch of the other. The promise or agreement couldn't be broken unless one of the two could retrieve their specific grains of salt (an impossibility).

    Weddings today are far from ordinary thanks to the addition of not so traditional elements like beach weddings, getting married on horseback, personalized vows and unity ceremonies. Today, engaged couples want an experience. They're looking for out-of-the-box ways to make their weddings distinctive. A unity ceremony with a Forever Frame will help them do just that.

  • Christmas wedding ideas


    There are so many great ways to spice up a holiday wedding and most reception locations will already be decorated for the holiday. Here are some ideas: Invitations, Clothes, Flowers and Decorations.

    Invitations - There are plenty of religious invitations you may feel strongly about using at this time a year. You could also try custom-made invites shaped like Christmas stockings, snowmen, Christmas trees. Of course, there's always the obvious choice of including anything in red and green.
    Clothes -The bride can wear a gown with white velvet accents or something with faux fur. Added touches can include festive colors like red, gold, green or even a cape or strategically placed bows. The groom can wear a red and green metallic-brocade vest or cummerbund and tie with studs and cuff links in the shape of Christmas trees or candy canes. For the wedding party, put bridesmaids in bright red or hunter green; gold, sliver and pewter are beautiful too.
    Flowers and Decorations - Drape ivy or holly mixed with spring baby's breath among the rows of seats for the ceremony. Poinsettias around the area where you'll stand to exchange your vows and even as centerpieces. Or, for instant centerpieces, fill large glass vases or bowls with solid-colored glass ornaments. Bundles of white branches (form the market or florist) decorated with white lights will look great around an entryway. Another idea is to adorn evergreen plants with lights, candy canes and little red bows.

  • Winter Wedding Venues in Arizona:


    The Wright House is a very popular place located in Mesa, AZ. It is perfect for winter weddings because it offers inside space as well as outside garden spots. The service is excellent there as they have people that can assist you with every aspect of planning your wedding. For more information they can be contacted at info@thewrighthouse.com.

    In Gilbert, AZ you will find the one of a kind Shenandoah Mill, which was built 1842 by John Swope in Muddy Creek, Virginia, in the Shenandoah Valley. This location is perfect for a rustic winter wedding with romantic gardens and old fashioned hand water wheel. This is a full service wedding venue that provides everything down to every detail. The facility can accommodate up to 225 people. For more information on planning a wedding there, email them at weddings@shenandoahmill.com.

    The Manor at Catlin Court was formally an old church which has be turned into a wedding and event hall. This quaint little church is a great place for a small winter wedding. It was built in 1917 and can host up to 200 people along with having outdoor space and a lovely garden gazebo. For more information please call (623) 931-1999.
    I would also like to thank Larry James for Bloging about "The Forever Frame"


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